CH-1 Superchorus Mods

My chorus always seemed to mush out the sound and get lost in the mix. Have you ever wanted a Chorus with a LOUDER output and more drive? Try these mods!

  • Input Drive Control
  • Output Gain Control
  • LFO Mod for Triangle to Sawtooth Morph + Extended Rate; this Mod can sound like a rotary speaker and extends the maximum Rate as well.

These mods are of my own design and I have not seen them anywhere else. The schematics are well documented and available all over the internet. BOSS, SUPERChorus, and CH-1 ARE TRADEMARKS OF THE ROLAND CORPORATION AND ARE USED FOR REFERENCE ONLY. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE ROLAND CORPORATION IN ANY WAY.


-- Click on a picture to enlarge it --

Here's the Schematic for the CH-1. The top diagram is the bare circuit. The lower diagram shows the areas of interest for these mods.

These mods are concerned with three parts of the circuit - the input amplifier/filter, the LFO, and the output mixer/amplifier.

I made changes to each of these sections for each mod in the list.

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